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“My goal is not to be better than anyone else

but to be better than I used to be.” -Wayne Dyer 

I am a girl who has tried every diet under the sun from living off pizza and tacos, to gluten free and vegan and finally landing in a happy spot somewhere in between. Please, let me help you find your happy place when it comes to your diet and fitness goals! I have found the more we stress, the more we study, the more we get down on ourselves for our short-comings, the harder it is to reach those goals we so badly want. So, here I will my struggles, break ’em down and make it easier for you to find your perfect balance with food!

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 Top Posts: Your Diet Without Dieting

I believe in not dieting, but just learning to eat a healthy diet that works for your body. These are some popular posts about keeping a clean diet that’s in tune with each individual

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Wise Shopping

It seems like grocery shopping takes on a whole new meaning when you start changing your diet. Here are some posts to help you cruise through the store with as little stress as possible.

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In the Kitchen

Cooking is something I feel so blessed to have been brought up knowing how to do. However, I know this is a huge area of struggle for so many. Here are some posts that have broken it down for you!

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Beyond Body

Taking care of our body is important. We are in it for the long haul after all. But, all too often that mental health stuff falls by the way-side and when it does, our physical health suffers too! So, here’s some posts to keep your feet on the ground and your mind at peace.

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