My Recommendations

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At Your Door Groceries

These are all companies that deliver high quality products directly to your front door.

Blue Apron – Blue Apron is a company that works with farmers to deliver meals to your door with proportioned meals that are healthy for you and your family. Their overall vision for their company and the world is inspirational. You can view their Vision Statement Here. Plus new chef’s get $10 OFF their first order!

Element Bars – Element Bars are nutrition bars that are made with no artificial ingredients. The best part is you are able to customize each bar you order to your liking and dietary restrictions. So if you order one of their nut and fruit bars you get to choose which nuts (or seeds) go into your bar as well as the type of fruit you prefer! Build a bar here.

Foodstirs – Foodstirs is a company that creates awesome baking mixes and kits. They are organic, naturally colored and super fun! So many people avoid giving their kids colored foods because of all the nasty things food dies can do. Foodstuffs uses natural coloring like beets and turmeric to create their colorful products! Plus they have a ton of options for getting baking kits delivered to your door every month! This is a perfect option for kids who are looking to get creative in the kitchen!

The Honest Company – CEO Jessica Alba is not only my long time girl crush, she also started a great company with cleaned up products. They have conquered Target and they also will deliver directly to you! They have a great variety of vitamins for women, men, children, prenatal vitamins…the whole works. Invite friends and you get $20 off your next order.

Maximum Slim – This is a great, organic protein and supplement supplier. They have a special section for Kids Nutrition, detox teas, protein powders and more. All of these things are delivered to you and they offer FREE SHIPPING on most products.

Project Juice – If you have watched popular documentaries like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead you know the high benefits that juicing can bring. Project Juice uses farm fresh, organic cold pressed juices and sends them right to you. They even have customizable juice cleanses or pre-made juice cleanses for you to choose from.

Thrive Market – Thrive Market has a great variety of diet specific foods like gluten free, paleo, raw and vegan. They offer foods at up to half the price of retailers! Plus you get 25% off and FREE SHIPPING on your first order. If you are all about getting speciality, healthy items at a discount, Thrive Market is for you!