Dairy Free Peanut Butter Carmel and Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Dairy Free Peanut Butter Carmel and Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

Sugar Detox: What About Fruit?

Sugar Detox: What About Fruit?

*I am not a medial professional. If you have health concerns, before making any changes, please consult a physician.

Sugar detoxes are becoming more and more popular, but one big question a lot of people have when starting their detox is: “What about fruit?” We all know fruit has sugars, so naturally our panic alarm goes off in our head. There is tons of talk these days about the damage that fructose can do to your health and fructose is in fruits. That’s a pretty scary thought. If you are supposed to avoid fructose, does this include fruit? We grew up learning how great fruit is for us…so shouldn’t it still be included in our diet?

Many people have different theories on this. I don’t know about you but personally, I love hearing evidence backed up through serious scientific studies. So I’m going to break down a few different sugar studies that have been done specifically to determine whether or not fruit is a sugar we should keep or kick to the curb.

Home Gym: 5 Equipment Options for Any Size Home

Home Gym: 5 Equipment Options for Any Size Home Gym

I am a big gym goer although my consistency these last few years has been anything but impressive. As much as I love all the options and classes that the gym has to offer the truth is, sometimes I just can’t make it there in a day. When that happens I like knowing that I have some options at home to fall back on. Going through the process of downsizing, living a more minimalism style life and getting in gear with our finances has made me very aware of the importance of exercise outside of the gym. The truth is, gym memberships can be expensive and not doable for every house hold. At the same time, not every household has a spare room with ample space for a treadmill and weights. That’s why I cam up with the perfect home gym for any size house.

How to Avoid Getting Sick when Traveling

How to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

travel sick on vacation traveler's diarrhea not get sick on vacation all inclusive food poisoning sun poisoning bacteria in foodMy husband Tom and I recently got back from a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. When we met neither of us had traveled out of the US. Scratch that, I went to Canada for one night when I as 18 and I was strip searched before entering the country. I guess we just looked like a bunch of punks ready to cause trouble. I never left the hotel room. Needless to say, I wasn’t in a big hurry to travel outside the US after that. Tom had barely traveled out of Minnesota when I met him. So 9 years ago when we married we had no idea how to travel let alone how to avoid getting sick when traveling. Well, after 3 all inclusive tropical resorts, we are now able to give you our two cents.

We made it through our first trip unscathed, the second and third, not so much. Tom was the first one to bite the dust during our second stay in Riviera Maya, Mexico but we both were doomed this round in Punta Cana. The not-so-hot part was that we were eating fruit for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch and dinner and steering clear of all fat, fried or sugar filled foods. It seemed pretty unfair that I was being punished for eating smart on vacation. Naturally, I took to the web as soon as we got home. I needed some serious answers and I found them.

So, if you are planning a trip anytime soon you may want to give these pre-cautions a quick browse. Here are all the potential reasons you may find yourself sick on vacation.

Anger Management: Embrace it or let it go?

Anger Management: Embrace it or let it go?

Anger seems to be everywhere these days. Truthfully, anger has been everywhere for as long as history books go back, including the Bible. It’s really nothing new. But where does it come from? What causes anger and what can we do to prevent it from turning into catastrophe? A big debate with anger management is whether or not to embrace it or simply let it go. Neither of those things come as easily as people hope, so more often than not people are completely giving into their anger and allowing it to turn into a state of hate. Hate is getting us into too much trouble these days. It can be really hard to determine what we as individuals can do, and the truth is, it all has to start with us. No matter how much we want to impact or change the world around us, inevitably we have got to begin with our own person.

What is anger?

anger management embrace anger let go of anger how to handle stress how to handle angerAnger is a sensation that we feel when something happens that we deem unpleasant or unfair. This could be a wide variety of things. Something as little as a person at the supermarket cutting in front of us in line or as big as finding out a loved one has cancer. Anger arises in us from a deep sense of dissatisfaction or discontentment.

We have all felt anger in some form or another. I know when I was younger, if I had a bad day, I would come home shove my face deep into a pillow and scream at the top of my lungs. I just had to find a way to get it out. Now that I’m older, I manage my anger in a whole different way. Thanks to the help and guidance of many experts on the topic, I have taken the time to truly understand my anger and how to effectively deal with it before it gets out of control. No, I haven’t keyed an ex boyfriends car or made threatening phone calls, but I have been known to passive aggressively flush all the toilets in the house when my husband was taking a shower. What can I say, I’m a work in progress. Aren’t we all, after all? So, let me share a bit about what I’ve learned about anger so far.