Organize Your Life and Office by Going Paperless

Organize Your Life and Office by Going Paperless

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My family and I have downsized our stuff, downsized our house and now I am super excited to take the next step. If you guys remember me talking about one of my biggest clutter pet peeves in my post 5 Simple Habits to Help Keep a Clean House Every Day; it’s those pesky papers that wind up all over the counters. Those miscellaneous papers absolutely make my skin crawl. In fact, I’ll even admit, I am quicker to throw things away (with total disregard of their importance) simply to avoid having them displayed across my counters. Let’s not even talk about the filing cabinet in our “office.” Finally it clicked in my head; I realized the best way to declutter, organize my life and office was by going paperless! 

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A Broken System

I have done my best to keep a kitchen “filing system” which has worked pretty well considering how scatter brained I can be. My sophisticated kitchen filing system is hidden in our pantry tucked next to the sugar and just below the wine. Safe and sound and slightly tidier than covering the counters. Disorganized by nature, I am highly impressed that I’ve managed to maintain this broken system. Organizing my papers and bills this way has decreased clutter and helped me get a little more organized. Now that I’ve gotten this method down pat, I’m ready for the next step in organization. The idea of going paperless was, of course, planted by Abby and Donnie Lawson of Just a Girl and Her Blog. Abby is known for her organization and she is the peanut butter to my jelly in the sense that without her I could not keep it together. In fact, even Forbes recently interviewed her about her time blocking strategy for staying on track and being intentionally organized. Yeah, she’s that good.

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paperless, office organization, going paperless, downsizing, minimalist, minimalism, clutter free, declutter, office, home organization

After becoming a mom I started to realize just how much I didn’t have my shyt together. Keeping track of each child’s school papers, medical records and sports information felt nearly impossible. Thank goodness that our Apple devices all sync up so we can keep a semi-detailed calendar of events. Most of the world has gone digital and I hate to admit, it’s super helpful. Still, I find myself constantly losing papers, tossing them too soon or having them spilled all over before they make it into my kitchen filing system. Enter: Paperless Home eBook. I recently purchased Abby and Donnie’s easy to read Paperless Home eBook for only $18! They also have a second option that’s is slightly more but comes with video tutorials along with the ebook. The book and videos guide you along the way and ensure your success in going paperless. Donnie applies the best strategies he used to help readers avoid the same mistakes he made in the beginning. Call me crazy but I definiltely prefer getting things right the first time!

Beyond Clutter Benefits

Like I said, being a mom, working a job, owning a home, car, gym membership; basically just being alive means accumulating paperwork. This goes double if you run your own business or work from home. Having a clutter free office space increases productivity and helps you avoid distractions. Just like I take a little time each day to keep the house from turning into a total disaster zone; setting aside time to scan your papers and keep track of them digitally will start you on the track to better organization and way less stress in the long run. The clutter free desk (or in my case kitchen counter) is just a huge added minimalist bonus!

“I’m a more effective husband, father, and business owner because of the paperless strategies I’ve adopted over the past three years…” – Paperless Home eBook

Why Paperless Home

When it came to starting a blog, Abby’s first ebook Building a Framework eased so much of my stress, helped me make smarter choices the first time around and has continually been my go-to blogging guide. I have loved feeling prepared, organized and more in charge of my own life. I know starting a paperless home will add to this highly productive and more peaceful way of living; and I totally trust Abby and Donnie to guide me step by step. It is such a small investment to make sure I have the best help in succeeding the first time around.

Paperless Plan Step 1: Scanners Matter

Make sure you are scanner ready!

Because I recently purchased my Canon PIXMA MG3620 wireless scanner and printer I don’t have to worry about purchasing a new one. However, Donnie and Abby’s top recommendation is the Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap. If you are in the market for a scanner and plan on taking this paperless gig very seriously, I highly suggest taking that route. The Fujitsu’s capabilities are much faster and able to handle more papers with less work from you. Here are a few other scanner/printer combos to choose from. All have great quality, wireless capabilities and will help assist you in getting your home paperless quickly and effectively.

Paperless Plan Step 2: Get Guidance 

Having a scanner is an easy enough step but knowing effective set up and strategies is crucial. I am personally so thankful to have my Paperless Home guide. It is well written, very detailed and totally guided toward my over-all success without making me feel overwhelmed. So often when it comes to downsizing, decluttering or minimalism, you have to do a lot of the work yourself. Starting a paperless home doesn’t have to be as big of a challenge when you have professional help taking you step by step. Like I said, I need all the help I can get, so I went to the best!

paperless, office organization, going paperless, downsizing, minimalist, minimalism, clutter free, declutter, office, home organization

Paperless Plan Step 3: Get Input

Don’t think you’re in this game alone! Share with friends who you think would benefit from living paperless and getting intentionally organized. If you have people in your life that run their own business and could do without the massive piles of paperwork, see what they think of this idea.

If you personally have already begun living paperless, I would love to hear from you! Have you attempted going paperless before? Were you successful? Any little lessons or tidbits you have to offer I would love to hear.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

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