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Clean Recipes

“Life is short, eat dessert first.”

┬áMaybe I am low on patience, or just have severe ADD. Either way, my least favorite thing about healthy recipes I find online is that a lot of times I have to browse through a novel of typing just to get at the good stuff! So, I’m setting limits for myself and just all around cutting the crap. I will be cutting the chit chat and cutting the crap out of the recipes I share too! I will be putting all my effort toward sharing only the cleanest of recipes with the best of ingredients!

The Critics

recipes clean recipes kid friendly recipes recipes clean recipes kid friendly recipes

My children are my most brutally honest critics. For those of you who have families, this will be your first look into the opinions of babes. You’ll notice in some of my recipes my kiddos will have a little blurb from them whether it’s good, bad or in between!

Gluten Free