The Minimalist Diet

The Minimalist Diet

When I started my blog, I kept hearing that I needed to find a “niche” to fit into. (If you are a blogger, here is a great webinar to help you get started.) One thing to keep the blog focused toward. That is super hard for me because I am a scatterbrained person by nature and I love learning new things. I didn’t know if I should keep my blog focused on food and health or budgeting and living a simple life. Both of these routes were high passion areas in my life and I couldn’t seem to figure out a way to make them smoosh together. That’s when I realized just how easily all these things go together in a persons life. It’s the minimalist diet and a way of living that has completely transformed my life. You can see my family’s story here: How Downsizing Changed My Family. More than anything I want to share that with people.

35 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Without Totally Changing Your Life

35 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Without Totally Changing Your Life

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As I have gotten older, I have become a documentary obsessed, total nerd. This means getting informed on the struggles our Earth faces was unavoidable. Slowly our family started transitioning and finding little ways to reduce our carbon footprint. While I am way ahead of my family in the sense that I have deeply researched Earth Homes. Some are extremely modern and beautiful, others are made of the tires and recycled material. Tom was not feeling having walls made of rubber (so picky) so for right now I’ll settle for our little house and just keep doing my best to make small changes where I can when I can. So I compiled a list of over 35 of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint without losing your sanity (or living in a house of rubber.)

Whole 30 No Processed Food Pantry

Whole 30 No Processed Food Pantry

The day I gave up processed foods was incredibly stressful. The amount of information was incredibly overwhelming. At the same time, that day was also one that totally transformed my entire way of eating. Working on a diet with no processed food can be challenging at first, but after you get the system down, it becomes second nature. The heart of my kitchen, and the key to my success with whole foods is of course the pantry. Now, I’m going to level with you, I do have a few processed foods in my pantry. Please don’t hold it against me. So besides the few odds and ends, let’s talk about what you need to get started on a no processed food pantry.

How to Start a Compost

How to Start a Compost

*This post contains affiliate links. For more information see my disclosures

Composting was something we used to do when I was a kid. Growing up and realizing how much waste we had every month, I started looking for ways to cut back. Living in Minnesota, I wasn’t sure how composting would work for us because our winters are pretty cold. Thankfully I was able to start an indoor compost and after we downsized, I was able to start an outdoor compost. If you are wondering how to start a compost, let me fill you in on both indoor and outdoor composting. I’ll tell you how to build them, how to get them started and how to keep them maintaining and working all year round!

Beyoutarianism: the Best Diet

Beyoutarianism: the BEST Diet!

If you have known me the last few years you know that I have tried almost every single diet known to man. I have discovered my gluten intolerance, therefore dawning the name: “gluten free.” After many horrifying documentaries I desperately wanted to be a vegetarian. Making that big of a leap right away can be overwhelming, so I stuck with small portions of fish, and so I became a “pescatarian.” Then there was this crayfish in Vegas and that little guy convinced me to put the kibosh on sea food as well. That meant I was now a full time “vegetarian!” After some crazy health stuff, I thought maybe the cheese in my diet was the cause, so I went cold tofurkey on cheese and eggs and tested the waters of “vegan.”  Spoiler alert! You can read how veganism went for me here: Vegan Diet and Why I Had to Quit. Yup, I quit and started eating something more similar to a “paleo diet.” I could never have imagined just what all these diets weren’t giving me though. When I found “Beyoutarianism” it was a complete and total game changer. My body started changing and being everything I had ever wanted it to be! That’s why I just had to spread the word about Beyoutarianism, the best diet ever!

Meal Prepping Quick Healthy Breakfasts for Kids

Meal Prepping: Quick Healthy Breakfasts for Kids

Getting kids fed during the morning chaos can get super tough. It’s every mom’s struggle. Especially if you want to make sure your kiddos are getting a well balanced, healthy meal. Pop Tarts might be quick but they lose points in the nutrition department. So I have decided to get my 8 favorite meal prepping foods together for quick, healthy breakfasts for kids. These are 8 quick breakfast options that we have in our house. We simply rotate them to keep things interesting. As always, prepping these meals is minimal work, few ingredients and can easily get you through a week’s worth of breakfasts. Because I am all gluten free, all these recipes are gluten free as well! For some of my other gluten free recommendations you can read my post all about it: Gluten Free Shopping List.