Holistic Nutritionist: Why I Will Never Help You Lose Weight

Holistic Nutritionist: Why I Will Never Help You Lose Weight

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So, hear me out on this. As a Holistic Nutritionist, why I will never help you lose weight.

I have done that mirror-of-shame stare down with myself. Cutting out pictures of other women and posting them up in hopes that I would be inspired to change who I am and be more like them. There have been times when all I could do was fixate on what physical aspect I wanted to change about my body. I have cut myself down and felt like I would never be good enough.

No one deserves to feel this way. Lately, I have had someone very close to me open up and admit that they hate their body. Honestly stating that they feel worse about themselves around me, because I have a smaller build. At first, I took offense to this, but truthfully, as a female today, I get it. Who of us hasn’t stood next to someone who was thinner, more toned, better “endowed’ and didn’t start to think less of themselves? As a society, we are so quick to pinch and poke at our reflection in the mirror and we are more and more losing touch with how we are really feeling.

Think about this for a minute; if you didn’t have a full length mirror, a scale or Photoshopped images all around you, how would you truly feel in your own body? No number dictating your self worth. No unreachable body image to live up to. Would you feel at peace in your body? My goal, as a holistic nutritionist is to help this answer be: “yes.”

Home Gym: 5 Equipment Options for Any Size Home

Home Gym: 5 Equipment Options for Any Size Home Gym

I am a big gym goer although my consistency these last few years has been anything but impressive. As much as I love all the options and classes that the gym has to offer the truth is, sometimes I just can’t make it there in a day. When that happens I like knowing that I have some options at home to fall back on. Going through the process of downsizing, living a more minimalism style life and getting in gear with our finances has made me very aware of the importance of exercise outside of the gym. The truth is, gym memberships can be expensive and not doable for every house hold. At the same time, not every household has a spare room with ample space for a treadmill and weights. That’s why I cam up with the perfect home gym for any size house.

Must Have Blender for All Recipes

Must Have Blender for All Recipes

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So often people see photos of the foods I make and ask me what blender I use. Whether it’s what I use to make my own flour, blending my own hummus or how I get my smoothies so smooth. Funny thing is, I get these questions. Since being married, Tom and I have gone through what feels like every blender known to man. None of them ever did everything we needed to. Even basic smoothies somehow wound up chunky. Never did I think that one of the least expensive, smallest blenders would wind up being my go to blender for all recipes. The Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System. This has literally become a blender, food processor and ice cream maker all in one. Which is super nice because it saves me from having to actually buy all those things! (Yup, cheap skate and de-clutter enthusiast)

What’s so great about it?

  • The Body Itself

    The main base is small and very portable which I love because I don’t have to have a big, bulky blender hanging out on my counter taking up space. After downsizing our house, this is absolutely crucial. I use my NutriBullet at least once a day; but in reality it’s usually about three times. After every use, I unplug it, and easily stash the base in the cupboard. 

  • All the Bonus Containers and Blades

The NutriBullet also comes with multiple containers to fit the size that you need. It also comes with 2 separate blades that work differently depending on what type of blending you need done. Like I said, we use ours around 3 times a day on average for multiple different things of multiple different sizes, shapes and textures. Best part? The blade is still sharp as ever, and trust me, I have put it through the ringer! When I’m cooking my hangry tends to kick in and I get impatient. Thank goodness my NutriBullet has been patient with me.

inexpensive blender best blender for all recipes blender recipes nutribullet review nutribullet blender nutribullet smoothie blender hummus blender recipe blender

What you can make.

  • Smoothies

inexpensive blender best blender for all recipes blender recipes nutribullet review nutribullet blender nutribullet smoothie blender hummus blender recipe blenderNaturally, one of the biggest things we use our NutriBullet for is making our morning smoothies. My favorite smoothie recipe is my Kale Smoothie. It doesn’t matter what I add or don’t add, it blends perfectly effortlessly. Every past blender we had would leave behind chunks of kale or clumps of ice. It’s not fun having to chew a smoothie. The most frustrating part was having to stop and stir over and over when trying to get a smooth smoothie. With our NutriBullet I can just click the container into place, wait 30 seconds and all the work has been done for me. I love it. 

  • Hummus, Dips and Sauces

    inexpensive blender best blender for all recipes blender recipes nutribullet review nutribullet blender nutribullet smoothie blender hummus blender recipe blenderOne of the easiest way to get my kiddos to eat heathier is by making healthy hummus, dips and sauces. Mostly I do garlic hummus, vegan queso, pesto and cashew cheeses. These all turn out perfect and creamy, although thicker recipes, like hummus, I do sometimes have to add a little more water to make sure everything gets blended in. The vegan quesso itself is a heavier recipe that includes potatoes, carrots and onions and I can fit it all into the larger blending cup that comes with the NutriBullet. Here are some of the best online recipes to try:

  • Flour and Coffee Grounds

inexpensive blender best blender for all recipes blender recipes nutribullet review nutribullet blender nutribullet smoothie blender hummus blender recipe blender

Being gluten free, a lot of times I am left having to create my own recipes completely from scratch. Blending my gluten free oats into oat flour literally takes a few seconds with my NutriBulletIf you are one of those people who prefers to ground your own coffee beans at home, you can do it just as easily! If you are also struggling with a gluten intolerance, check out my top viewed gluten related posts Gluten Free Shopping List.

  • Soups and Chowders

    inexpensive blender best blender for all recipes blender recipes nutribullet review nutribullet blender nutribullet smoothie blender hummus blender recipe blenderPotato chowders are one of my absolute winter favorites. It’s so easy to make a really thick base for your stew, soup or chowder by just adding your main base vegetable and letting it pulse for a few seconds. Be careful though, with something like potato chowder, you will want to leave some lumps and the NutriBullet will not leave any lumps! Just be sure to set some aside before putting the rest into the blender. Check out some of these other super yummy vegetable based soup recipes.

  • Ice Cream

    inexpensive blender best blender for all recipes blender recipes nutribullet review nutribullet blender nutribullet smoothie blender hummus blender recipe blenderMore recently I have started making my own cashew ice cream and I have to tell you, it turns out fantastically! Because you basically pre-freeze everything overnight, you are just putting frozen cubes into the NutriBullet. With no added water, milk or anything, it blends this ice cream to perfection! I recently posted my absolute favorite kind, Mint Chocolate ChipHowever, if you are looking for an even bigger variety, check out earthyandy’s websiteShe has a ton of great smoothies and vegan ice cream recipes that are amazing. You can also see a simpler ice cream recipe I have: Banana Ice Cream.

  • Waffles

gluten free gluten free cooking gluten free baking gluten free recipes cooking recipes baking recipesThese are definitely the top made item I use my NutriBullet for. Again, because of my gluten intolerance, I often make my own super easy 3 Ingredient WafflesThese ingredients fill to the very tip top of the largest blending cup in our set. Again, a simple twist and click and then my waffle batter is ready in 30 seconds and there is absolutely no mess, which I love! Tom loves his Protein Pancakes which we do completely in the NutriBullet as well.

Other great recipes I use my NutriBullet for:

Fudgy Brownies

Fig Bars

Wild Rice Burger

Seriously, I’m telling you, I use it all the time. In fact, if you browsed my Recipe Page I doubt you would find a single recipe that I don’t use my Nutribullet for.

It’s great but. . .

We have been using our same Nutri Bullet for years. Since then, they have come with an upgraded version and even though the Nutri Bullet 13 Piece NB9-1301 Pro Blender/Mixer comes with a faster motor, my main desire is the new tops. I know, superficial, but I can’t help myself. It would be so great to blend a smoothie or protein shake, twist on a top that you can sip from and head out the door. 

Either way, if you are planning on making more recipes at home, keeping up with smoothies or all around working toward a healthier way of eating, I highly recommend the Nutri BulletThere are so many expensive blenders on the market these days. This one definitely gets you the biggest blend for your buck!

If you are wanting to make bigger batches of foods that the NutriBullet doesn’t allow, take a look at some of the other top blenders I recommend below.

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I hope this post was helpful to you! Happy blending!

Heart Soul and Whole Food

Collagen Powder Benefits

Collagen Powder Benefits

Considering that until a few months ago, I was following a vegan diet, you can imagine the struggle I went through when I started learning about collagen powder. Collagen powder is made from animal by-prodcucts including the skin and bones. It’s tough for me to think about, I’ll be honest. When stopping to think about it, however, if I am already consuming animal products, there really isn’t much difference.

When cooking with fruits or vegetables, I do my best to use absolutely every part of the food itself. Sometimes that means composting the peels of bananas or shells of eggs. Waste not, want not. Unfortunately, cooking has changed so much and with products like boneless wings and chicken breasts, a lot of humans aren’t getting the collagen from their meats that they normally would.

Collagen in our bodies.

collagen powder collagen benefits of collage powder collagen loss healthy skin healthy collagen production Collagen production in the human body begins to decrease after the age of 30 (I know, big shocker…the age of impending doom.) Along with collagen our bodies start slowing in the production of other proteins like elastin. The slowed down production of these two proteins means a lot for our bodies as we age. Loss of collagen structure in our bones is most commonly known as Osteoporosis. 

Not only does our skin change, but our joints weaken and muscle loss starts to happen more often. Not only this, but collagen production helps support the tissues that connect our organs. Sounds like a blast, right? The good news is is that there are so many things we can do to boost our collagen production.

What does collagen powder do?

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The thing I like the most about collagen powder is that it is not an injection, it’s non-invasive and it has nothing to do with medication use. 

Like I said, collagen powder is made from parts of the animal besides the meat. This powder is composed of long chain proteins that our system breaks down into amino acids. Once they are broken down, those amino acids start to build our collagen back up.

Now I’m going to get totally honest with you. Collagen production can be boosted by introducing powders and collagen products into your diet, but it will never fully restore it to what it once was. It seems fair really, we can’t completely cheat aging. I don’t know about you, but I’m cool with slowing it down a bit. You can get collagen powders and supplements in certain stores, or you can always order online from Amazon or Thrive Market. Click Here to get 25% off and FREE shipping on your first Thrive Market purchase.

Post Partum Quick Recovery

Post Partum Quick Recovery

Pregnancy can be rough on our bodies. Out of the majority of my friends, I was the first one to step into baby making territory. Naturally, that meant I got to answer everyone’s questions and tell them exactly how things went down. Good thing I am an open book who doesn’t spare a single detail.

One of the main questions I got asked was how in the world I got my body back so quickly. Back then (its been almost 6 years since I had a baby!) it was a known fact that I worked out at least 3 times a week. However, I wasn’t a healthy eater. I barely ate vegetables, fruit on occasion and I lived on a diet high in animal protein and refined grains like bread and pasta.

I also didn’t ever do cardio. It just wasn’t (and still isn’t) something I like to do.

Loose the Pooch: the Gym Free Way to Flatten Your Mommy Pooch

Lose the Pooch: the Gym Free Way to Flatten Your Mommy Pooch

The internet is filled with articles and posts telling us mommies different ways to lose our “Mommy Pooch.” Most of these posts are filled with weight training strategies, cardio practices and crunches. 

As a woman who took far too much pride her appearance early on in life, having my stomach “ruined” by my children was devastating to me. Some women accept these birthing changes and embrace their new bods. These are the women to look up to. Whether these women rock their stretch marks at the beach or just happily cover them and are ok knowing they will never wear a bikini again.

Having my stomach covered with stretch marks caused me a great deal of stress and frustration for years. On top of the stretch marks, the extra skin and sagging really did a number on my self esteem. It’s unfortunate how much self worth I placed into my bikini body. I felt like I was no longer worthwhile in a lot of ways simply because my stomach wasn’t what it used to be.

I worked my butt off to try and get my stomach back. Covering it with creams, joining classes that focused only on abs and even going through dieting extremes. As with most things, when I stopped worrying and trying, everything started falling into place.