Black Friday Small Business

Black Friday Small Business

I realized my typical day to share a new blog post fell on Thanksgiving this year. So I thought to myself; “What is something people would actually want to read on Thanksgiving?” I mean, you’re surrounded my family and food (at least I hope so) what would you want to do with me or my blog post? Then I started thinking about turkey hangover time. Tom and I spent years and years with full bellies browsing the Black Friday ads in preparation for the “big day.” Now, we tend to pass on Black Friday. Not only because it now cuts into quality Thanksgiving time but also because we now plan ahead and budget. That means frivolous, credit card shopping sprees are a thing of the past. Then it dawned on me: small businesses. Small businesses tend to get the shaft when it comes to Black Friday, yet so many of them have specials going on. So, I decided, what better post to share than a guide to some of the best online small businesses for you to shop during your turkey hangover? So here they are, they are taking this day back, Black Friday Small Business style.

Sinking Funds. Tips for Beginnger Budgets and Debt Payoff

Sinking Funds. Tips for Beginnger Budgets and Debt Payoff

It’s no secret that Tom and I have struggled big time when it comes to finances. During those times in life when we had less kids to worry about, more time and money we made terrible choices. What could have been the best savings years of our lives turned into the best Chinese food eating years of our lives. We had all the latest movies and clothes and we ate at all of our favorite restaurants. Still at the end of the month we found ourselves penniless. If only time travel was possible…I would totally go back in time and kick my well dressed butt. These days, we have dug ourselves out of some serious debt, gotten our priorities strait and we have sinking funds to thank. So let’s talk downsized debt. I will give you the run down on sinking funds, the best tips for beginner budgets and how to start debt payoff the easy way.

Pay off $6,000 of Debt with the Snowball Method

How we Paid off $6,000 of Debt in 6 Months (with one full time income) using the Snowball Method

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the day I got comfortable talking to my husband about our finances, was one of the biggest sighs of relief of my life. If you are struggling with that idea, here are some great ways to help you get started: How to Talk to Your Spouse About Living on a Budget. For years we went to church and listened to them talk about some of Dave Ramsey‘s best methods to payoff debt. They were methods we always thought were so far out of reach. When we finally buckled down and gave it a go, we were surprised at just how easy it was. So if you want to see how we paid off $6,000 of debt in 6 months (with only one full time income) with the snowball method, keep reading.

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Living on a Budget

Talking to Your Spouse About Living on a Budget

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Before I got married I had heard that the number one cause of divorce was financial problems. This instantly gave me anxiety and a strong desire to never, ever fight about money. It sounds good in theory but this meant for nearly a decade I kept every single financial struggle we were facing to myself. I have been handling our budget since before we were married. Any time money was tight or debt felt overwhelming I just kept it to myself because I didn’t want to stress Tom out and I certainly didn’t want to fight about money. The truth is talking to your spouse about living on a budget can be extremely stressful but it is absolutely necessary.

I’m going to break down some great resources to help get you started on the right financial track with your significant other. Because, as it turns out, the actual leading cause of divorce (these days) is lack of communication. Damn. I got that wrong this whole time. So I’ll share with you what got me to open up, how we started getting serious with our finances and what you can do to get serious with yours.