Beyoutarianism: the Best Diet

Beyoutarianism: the BEST Diet!

If you have known me the last few years you know that I have tried almost every single diet known to man. I have discovered my gluten intolerance, therefore dawning the name: “gluten free.” After many horrifying documentaries I desperately wanted to be a vegetarian. Making that big of a leap right away can be overwhelming, so I stuck with small portions of fish, and so I became a “pescatarian.” Then there was this crayfish in Vegas and that little guy convinced me to put the kibosh on sea food as well. That meant I was now a full time “vegetarian!” After some crazy health stuff, I thought maybe the cheese in my diet was the cause, so I went cold tofurkey on cheese and eggs and tested the waters of “vegan.”  Spoiler alert! You can read how veganism went for me here: Vegan Diet and Why I Had to Quit. Yup, I quit and started eating something more similar to a “paleo diet.” I could never have imagined just what all these diets weren’t giving me though. When I found “Beyoutarianism” it was a complete and total game changer. My body started changing and being everything I had ever wanted it to be! That’s why I just had to spread the word about Beyoutarianism, the best diet ever!